WE ARE HIRING! Looking for one or two independently motivated and creative farmers. Transportation, basic computer skills and an interest in working our youth interns a plus.


  • Guide and manage daily farm operations including trash, irrigation, chickens, tool maintenance, composting and amending

  • Propagate, plant, transplant, prune, maintain and harvest in our diverse food forest

  • Oversee our farm school interns

  • Develop our farm to market aspect by managing our farmers market, developing relationships with other buyers and marketing

  • Keep records of employee and intern hours, propagation, harvest and sales

  • Develop volunteer opportunities and oversee volunteers

  • Promote Hawaiian language and culture

  • Participate in food management and processing value added products


  • Be passionate about strengthening Kauaiʻs westside community

  • Have knowledge and curiosity about growing food

  • Communicate well with coworkers, interns and the public

Compensation starts at $15/hr. Up to 20hrs/week to start with opportunity for more.

To schedule an interview, please email a resume to

Hale Puna is officially a 501(c)3 non-profit!

After close to three years of filling out forms and a lot of waiting, in February 2018 we received our official designation as a 501(c)3 non-profit. All donations made since February 2016 and all donations received from here on out are tax deductible! We now begin the arduous process of applying for grants to fund the restoration of Hale Puna and the programs that we have already begun. Thanks for your patience! We look forward to the work ahead.

Introducing the Waimea Farmers Market

Join us every Monday afternoon 3:30-5:30 at Hale Puna 9567 Huakai Road under the giant monkeypod tree for the Waimea Farmers Market!

What's fresh now? Liliko'i, papaya, cucumber, eggplant, kabocha, kale, lettuce, mizuna, arugula, choy sum, tatsoi, rapini, basil, cilantro, dill, chili peppers, tangerines, lemons, oranges, honey, eggs, noni, jelly, pesto, butter, coffee, herbal salves and suncreens, kombucha, chili pepper water, fruit tree starts, vegetable and herb starts and so much more!

Bees come to Hale Puna

This last Monday, June 27th, Hale Puna was fortunate enough to host a visit from beekeeper and Kaua'i Community College apiary program teacher, Jimmy Trujillo. Jimmy spoke to a group of students and community members on the fascinating world of beekeeping in Hawai'i. In addition to speaking to the history and practice of apiaries, Jimmy brought slides of raw honeycombs for people to try! 

Solar Kiln

Just a few of the gorgeous slabs of Monkeypod and Mango...

Just a few of the gorgeous slabs of Monkeypod and Mango...

Back in May we had to cut down an old Mango tree that was threatening the foundation of the house and some limbs from the 220 year old Monkeypod tree, a gift from King Kaumualii to the Christian Missionaries, that were overhanging the roof of the house.  

We then milled these into gorgeous slabs that have been stacked and drying in our shipping container. Unfortunately, the termites and wood boring beetles have made a feast of them and we needed a quick solution to dry the wood and kill the bugs. 

Fortunately for us, Jason Matukaitis, our resident welder and furniture maker, took it upon himself to build for us a solar kiln.

As Waimea is so hot and dry already it was not difficult to find a way to harness the sun's energy to dry our wood for us. The kiln is south facing and the windowed roof is angled the same as our latitude (21 degrees) so that for most of the day the sun hits directly at 90 degrees. A fan helps to circulate the warm air throughout the slabs. 

Now all we have to do is wait for it to dry and we can start to turn the wood into all sorts of furniture and other beautiful useful items. Stay tuned! 

Wood stacked and drying in the kiln

Wood stacked and drying in the kiln


It has been a busy month here at Hale Puna!

We have had the pleasure of welcoming many new hard workers from as close as Waimea High School and some who have traveled from as far as Pittsburgh, New York and North Carolina to help us break some ground.  

The most exciting accomplishment of the month came when Clint Snyder of West Kauai Farms was able to extend irrigation to the rest of the property. Since then, we have had no shortage of work planting vegetables, fruit trees, herbs and flowers, distributing mulch and creating paths throughout our future food forest.